How to transfer playlist from ssd prime 2 to mac?

I created a playlist for denon prima 2 inside ssd, now it is impossible to transfer the playlist from denon prima 2 to the computer with engine prima. when you open the sync manager item in the program, the playlists that were created inside the controller are not active. however, I can transfer playlists to any user and everything is copied instantly, what’s the problem?

Sync back to Engine prime is not working. But Sync from Engine to any drive works.

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why it’s not work?

No idea why, but it’s made this way for now. We wait for the update on the sync function for EP. For now, I just drag and drop and do all the changes only in EP.

Hey @holo -

You can sync your playlists back to Engine by connecting your drive to your computer, navigate to Sync Manage and Sync To Engine.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know.

Hello @Anthony_DDJ We didn’t see You around here a long time.

The real thing here is how to sync changes made in Engine OS to appear in Engine prime? That question has not been answered. As current sync only works in one way, not both.

Hey @NoiseRiser I’m back. :slight_smile:

In Sync Manager you can update your files 2 ways: Sync to Drive - from your laptop/computer to your devices (USB,SSD,etc) Sync to Engine - from your devices back to your laptop/computer

Perhaps this video will help answer your question? Engine PRIME v1.5 Software Update | Sync Manager, New BPM Detection, Track Preview + More! - YouTube

If not, we’ll be happy to chat with our technical support team about this feature.


playlists that I created in denon prime are inactive when connected to a laptop in the EP program, they cannot be selected, synchronized, deleted

Hello people, Here is another thing i saw: 1> i made a quick test and create playlists from EP to my usb key by dragging tracks from main collection to playlist in the USB area (made 4 playlist for example).

2> these playlist works correctly in my prime go.

3> then i connect the usb key to my mac and started EP 4> when i click the SYNC option, EP indicate thats there’s no data to synch (i also test with a pc).

I think that this is a thing to improve. Another example is for a weedind party (special song request), if we are to DJ to mix, if i prepare some playlists, this means that i cannot give them to my friend to import to his EP collection.

Is there something i do wrong ? I know that it’s ok by creating PL by the the Synch option but it is faster to do it by dragging tracks directly on usb stick :slight_smile: