How to redeem Denon's 2 month Soundswitch offer

I see that Denon offer an additional 2 months soundswitch subscription when purchasing the Prime4. On the Denon site it says: “Offer: SoundSwitch 2 Months Free SoundSwitch Seamlessly, Syncs Lighting and DJ Software. With your exclusive promotional code get a bonus 2 months when purchasing a 3 months package with free Micro DMX Interface for $29.99!” So I went & purchased the Micro DMX Interface. But I can’t seem to get this right. Does anyone know how to actually redeem this. If I click on the Redeem button on DenonDj’s website, it takes me to the SoundSwitch website, but when I put in the promo code that is on the Denon website - SoundSwitch website says ‘invalid promo code’. I must be doing something wrong here. Anyone got some tips on how to do this?

I wrote SoundSwitch on messenger - they asked for the code and activated it. All within 2 hours or so :+1:


@Engell thanks for the advice. I’ll try your suggestion.

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