How to hide some drive from engine prime?

I don’t want engine prime to auto create their library folder on my every drive I’ve plugged in. How to stop that?

It shouldn’t create a Engine Library folder except you add music or export to the drive.

I can delete it manually but it still create sometimes and I don’t know why or when. I still want to hide some drive I don’t use from Engine Prime to make it faster when choosing what drive to sync and Prime default select another drive and calculate the drive I don’t want to use.

Sounds like a good request. Check the features section to see if it hasnt been requested already and start/vote

It really should not create a folder in drives that are not used for EP.

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I found it. Engine Prime create the folder because some of my music are from that drive. And delete it will make engine library error and can’t import that file.

Consolidate your music files to one drive. It will make your life easier!

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