How to eliminate problems with external hard drives and large collections of music


hi guy’s I have installed beta 8.0 firmware and all is good but like everyone else I was having problems when using a large collection of music until I used engine 1.5.2 to store my collection on my external hard drive there is over 47000 tracks on the drive and loads in no time so I would suggest using the old engine software to create your data base and still use engine prime firmware on your controller ,you may find this to be the quickest solution …………


Read-only NTFS support eliminates many drive problems on the Gemini MDJ. The promo material on the SC5000 and Denon site said it would have this but it does not. Future firmware for the players will supposedly allow unlimitted db size, but I don’t think it will solve issues that plague every brand requiring just fat32. ExFat helps slightly but does not have all the features supposedly of more sophisticated formats.