How to customize filter knob Prime Go

Hi. When i turn filter knob fast i have sound like sctratching. When i turn it slow sound is OK. Can i adjust the filter so that when I turn quickly there is no scratching sound? I try change two settings in setup, but no result.

I have not seen this on other devices.

I have the same problem

Hey @vasiliy - Are you able to share a video of what you’re experiencing? Are you referring to the Browser knob or an FX knob like the Sweep or Wet/Dry?

Hi, Anthony_DDJ. Your browser knob have any audio effects?

My apologies - I was trying to understand your reference to a “scratching sound”. Probably best you share a quick video here if possible.

Scratching sound - it is sound like when you fast move vinyl discs forward and backward on turntables or if you do same like vinyl discs on platters on any modern DJ deck with vinyl mode on.

I hear this sound together with HPF or LPF effect when i fast turn filter knob (Sweep FX) in any side. When i do it slow sounds is OK - i hear clear filter effects without scratching.

I’m not native english speaker and i never learn english language, therefore somethimes it’s hard for me to express my words, sorry for it.

I agree with the previous message. This is approximately what happens. How can the video be shown?

Are you referring to resonance? Is that what you want to change?

Ok. I’m streaming my sets every week therefore make video is not problem for me.

When i turn the knob fast from 0:20 to 0:30 and from 0:40 the sound is… ohmm… is like gurgling or is like scratching, or i don’t know, some kind of ragged sound, the sound is not smooth when i turn the knob…

I want sound like when i turn HPF/LPF knob on MCX8000 from 1:45. But i guess this is impossible, right?

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Of course yes. It does not have a significant effect. This changes the strength and depth of the effect, but scratching anyway.

Hey @vasiliy - Thanks for the sharing the video. Let me check with the team to see if this is expected behavior if it can be altered.