How to add a song to a playlist that I created on DENON SC6000M

Hello Denon Users,

Can someone tell me how to add a song to the playlist that I created on DENON SC6000M? I am browsing on the SSD Hard Drive that I installed and I would like to add different songs to a specific playlist that I created on the player. I tried the same thing on the TIDAL source. I am browsing through the Tidal tracks available. I managed to create a playlist on my TiDAL account but I can’t add tracks on the playlist that I created. HOW CAN I DO THAT? WHAT’S the trick? I tried to drag like someone gave directions around here but is not working.

Thank you in advance DENON PEOPLE. In case someone would like to help me out.

Hi Zattu,

This worked for me, have a look at this Video its a different firmware version and media player but the process is the same.