How much a PC is needed to use a SC6000/M or SC5000/M?

Hi friendly people of the Denon Community!

Iam a Vinyl and Media DJ and enjoyed having the oppportunity to play Mediafiles without loosing the Vinyl-feeling since the Denon SC 3700. Now Iam strongly thinking about buying two SC6000M.

But i still got questionmarks above my head about the thing which is the most important for me (besides the great Vinyl feeling cause of the fine controls and motor in the player): How much is a Laptop/PC still needed to use those mediaplayers? What i mean is, can i move files (lets say from crates or playlists or folders on the player) from the players HDD to a USB-stick which also is in the player?

I want to use a PC as less as possible - just as i did and do it with Vinyls: working with tracks on the actual device, hearing and feeling them, with at least some visual feedback like with Vinyl to remember them, and in the end deciding which ones i want to use on my gig, …instead of organising files on a laptop screen. In the best scenario, i want to just buy tracks or make own samples (therefor i can’t avoid the PC), connect the PC once with the mediaplayer, move all bought files or own samples to the HDD in the player and then simply work with the player. I want to work with the player at home, and if i have a gig or going on tour just plug a USB-stick into the player, switch my finger on the screen to simply copy all (or a few) tracks of this or that crate (or this playlist or whatever) onto the USB stick, plug this out and iam ready to go, i got all tracks on the stick. (Sidenote: maybe with all the tags, cues, loop points and so on from engine, all the information i added when i was working and playing with them on the player at home. But i dont care about that so much, of couase this would be even a better feature, but i would be thankful if only the simple datamanagment can be done on the player itself, i simply need a selection of tracks on my USB sticks, cause Pioneer gear isn’t able to read the engine informations and at this point they still are standard in the clubs, unfortunately).

Is this possible?

The HDD in the player is one of the game-changers Denon has offered here. But the whole idea would be stucked in the middle if my question is answered with a “No.”. I hope you get a little bit what i mean, and sorry for my bad english.

I also would love the announced somehow not announced controller for the SC6000/M. As this would take advantage of the other special thing Denon realized in these devices: the layers. But getting it to the next level as you don’t need two big screens but all the track controlls. Especially for people like me this would be a dream, a cheap way to double your players, by still providing the best of it: the controller/vinyl feeling, focusing of what should be the most important: perform as a DJ (and not disturbing me, the whole floor and audience by looking on a screen). So, will those “controllers” be reality any time?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

You will have to use a computer to prepare your tracks to get the full prime experience.

There’s already a few solutions for those who don’t use laptops or have no need for one if you search.

So i still have to connect the laptop to the SC6000/M, to just move tracks from the HDD in the player to a USB stick, which also is plugged into the player? I can not do it on the player? That would be a pity. Its so simple and would lift the whole thing up.

If you are talking about preparing you will need some form of computer. I think you can prepare the internal deck drive when you are in pc mode. But I think you’ll still need ep to do it.

I’m gonna see if I can prepare a usb drive plugged in to the deck from the rekordbox iPhone app.

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Unfortunately not. This function has been requested by many Prime users, since the range of players first came on the market - but it’s still not been provided by Denon.

If you search the forum, you should find the request, and you can add your vote (click the heart).

Yes. But “preparing” in the most minimal way you can imagine:

Tracks on a PC → connect PC with Denon SC6000/M → move tracks onto the HDD which is in the player. Then: having all tracks in the player itself → working and playing with the player, creating crates and playlists → plug an USB stick into the player → copying tracks from the player on to this USB stick

Of course if all the engine informations about the tracks are copied too, that would be great. But i would be glad if just moving/copying from the player to a USB stick is possible.

@PKtheDJ: Ah i see your answer now, thanks! Hmm, puh, ok. Now iam a bit disappointed. I guess a simple improvement on the firmware could solve this or better saying: add this great feature to the devices. But i also guess nobody can say if and when such an update will come.

I can’t get my head around that i still have to connect a PC to do this little task.

Ok, further questions: If i connect a PC to the Denon player, all the crates and playlist i created in the player are showed/visible and then i can simply copy the tracks of them onto a USB stick. Is it like that? And all the enige-informations about where i set Hot-Cues,Loops, and so on are copied to the USB stick too, so that i can plug the USB stick into a Denon player somewhere else and all the Hot-Cues and Loops of the tracks are there?

When connected to a PC, the storage of the player will be shown like an external hard drive, so if you also have a USB stick in the player, that will show as external storage.

Ok, thanks!

So i have to get used to the idea that i still have to connect the Denon with a PC to move files. But as i understand it at least i can be sure that also the Hot-Cue or Loop informations about the tracks (which i made with the player) are copied to the USB flash drive too.

So the last question: any news on if and when a SC6000/M “light” controller will be see the light of the day and pleases us?

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