How Many of you do this

How Many of you wake up every morning and eagerly check the forum for new information on the Primes? I know I do. Its the first thing I check on the web every morning. Ok maybe not the first but its in my top 3. The other 2 searches are Denon Twitter and Denon Facebook. I guess for Denon this is a great way to increase web Traffic! Cmon, Denon I need something to do this weekend at least release Engine Prime 1.0


Guilty as charged. Sit down at the computer - check the forums, check my dealer, check the competition. No news? On to other things. New news? Yay, there goes my morning productivity!

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Yeah, I have been doing the same :slight_smile: Soon!

So it won’t help anyone then to know that I got my hands on 40 of them yesterday then ? And several dozen other people around me did too.

Just me, with my special white gloves on… and the other Firmware updater Elves…and all over the world other groups of busy little Firmware Updater Elves were equally hard at work…

And there’s a very nice glossy poster in each 5000 box now too! Oooooh.

(… and a 5000…)

(…and a gazillion cables … )

(… and a lovely screen cleaning cloth…)

The excitement was palpable !

I’m pretty sure one box has got my Raybans in too … gulp!


haha - I’ll make sure to snap a nice selfie if they ended up in my box. :wink:

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Yep every day here too…:sunglasses:

It gonna be a whole lotta fun when those Primes land in the hands of DJ’s around the world…Things can only get better !

We are only at version 1.0 of the firmware, the future is Primed and ready.

For the love of god, please give us a copy on Engine Prime. I’ll take just the tip at this point :heart_eyes:

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Exactly my morning routine, too. Can’t wait!

Yup , it is my little addiction for the last months, and yes the more the release date comes in sight it gets worse​:grimacing::grimacing: And we need engine prime ASAP so we can get started prepping our tracks !!

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How can my retailer promise me my sc5000’s will be in store after this weekend, and before next weekend?! You elves must be amazing… The mixer should be in in first week of june they said. So till then everyday same routine as the rest of you guys… #talknerdy

So you got your hands on them, but all work no play? That must be even more agonizing. But good to hear! Much aprieciated!

I know there is been a bit of grumping and complaining about the delivery of this stuff, but be honest:

When was the last time you bought something DJ-related that provided so much excitement and anticipation before actually receiving it?

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That felt exactly the same.


That’s a beautiful mixer!!