How Do You Have Your Setup Connected

Just wondering how many of you have your connections from the rear of the players to the mixer. I’ve currently got mine set like the Manual instructs in the below image.

Meaning the Input Select knobs are set to (Line) but was wondering would the sound quality be better if they were linked up digitally.

I’m guessing the extra use of the RCA ports are for the Layer feature so when/how could we use the digital out ports and select digital on the input select knobs.

Do any posters here use the below ports instead and if so does it make any difference in terms of sound quality.



All digital here.

Hi, Reece.

Can you tell me what I need to do. Or in better terms explain what is different in your connection ports to the Above diaphragm.

Should I just add an extra RCA to digital output and leave current waiting in place. Would anything effect the layering if switched to digital.


First of all. I chose the digital connection, because everything stays in the digital realm up until the speakers. No extra DA-AD and AD-DA conversion. Furthermore, I have some analog gear that I wanted to have connected as well, so it came handy to split.

Analog and digital simultaneously output the same audio, so you could potentially leave the RCA’s as-is and connect 2 extra COAX-RCA’s. Set channels source to digital instead of LINE and all’s good.

Because the cables are really short, you could use the same boxed RCA’s for the digital connections. I bought extra 75 Ohm type cables to be sure. Digital only uses 1 RCA connector for stereo left+right, so that’s why you only see one per deck/layer.

The ethernet cables per deck is where you’d want layer-A of both decks to be. In your example layer-A’s are on channels 1 and 2 of the mixer.