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So I was playing a corprate gig last week at a hotel, I thought I would use the Tidal streaming for requests. I went to login to the Hotels guest wifi, it connects, but there is a landing page where you have to check agree then you get access to the internet. There was no way to do that with the players, so I asked for a ethernet cable, there was a hardline under my booth. I then realized that both players are using there ethernet cables to the x1800 mixer for sharing tracks so I couldn’t unhook that? where would I plug in hardline internet. I tried the PC jack on the mixer, but that didn’t seam to work. I then turned on the hotspot on my phone, this didn’t work in firmware 1.4 but I tried again with the newer 1.4.1 and it connected and started to work. Event started and as we got into dancing, I switched over to Tidal to load some tracks and the wifi disconnected from the phone, had to go back into wifi menu to re connect, then it worked for one song, then the other player disconnected, back to the other player found a song and stuck on loading data. I decided to ditch the wifi and use only what media I had connected to the players. Just sharing to see if anyone else has run into these problems.

Thanks Sam King

Not all phones hold WiFi Indefinitely.

My Samsung drops WiFi if sms network message comes in or network voicemail alert or incoming call. It also drops WiFi once the battery is less than x amount

I have played full sets with my iPhone hotspot connected. Only use the Tidal tracks from time to time, but don’t think I ever had to reconnect to it.

As for the fixed cable option. IF (not sure if this is the case, would have to have a Denon rep confirm) the ports “talk” straight ethernet, you SHOULD theoretically be able to hook up a switch and run everything through there. If and how that would affect performance is also I can’t determine without doing some testing with the units available.

PC port on the X1800 simply works if WiFi is not an option. You probably didn’t get an IP address via that hardline. I would always choose ethernet if available.

WiFi can be very unstable or no fuzz at all. It all depends on the brand/chipset compatibility.

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Reese, OP’s problem as I get it, is mainly that when he goes to fixed line ethernet, there are no free ports as they are already used on the SC5000s to connect to the X1600.

Do you know if you can just hook up an 8-port ethernet switch and plug all three units AND the fixed internet line into it?

No, the PC port on the X1800 is for uplink to a pc, router, switch or otherwise. It will never be for an SC to connect to.

So how can one plug the SC5000 and X1800 to a wired internet connection when they are already linked?


Left SC5000 Player is connected to Link port 2 on the X1800

Right Player to X1800 Link port 3

Where does the Internet LAN cable go?

Can the hardwired LAN cable go to the spare Link port 1 or 4 or PC port ?

I’m confused :man_shrugging:

@JWiLL care to chime in

I think I’ve mentioned PC port three times know…

Lol. Don’t mind me. I’m slow on Mondays.

So the Internet LAN cable goes to the PC port.

Thanks for clarifying

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My SC’s are linked to the X1800. The PC port goes to a network switch. I had a Prime4 on WiFi in the same network and because of that, I could play tracks from the internal Prime4 SSD on any SC (or vice versa) with no problems.


You wouldn’t need to as stated earlier, but yes. My PC port is connected to a network switch also and from there it goes to the central router/firewall.

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No wait. That’s a loaded statement right there. Break it down.

SC5000 linked time each other via X1800

X1800 connected to a switch (that has WiFi as well)

Prime 4 connected to that WiFi

Then you accessed the Prime 4 ssd on the SC5000


Well I’m sure it was witchcraft back in the day.

It’s all the same network, so yeah, every source of every device is available to use on every device. Even the profiles can be loaded.

The only thing that the Engine Connect protocol doesn’t understand yet is, in essence, that two X1800’s and 4 dual layer devices are in the same network. So, bpm info goes a bit haywire at the moment. :grimacing:

Connect SC players to ports 1-4 and then connect your cable with internet access to the PC port.


I thought WiFi was also in the equation, but only ethernet is. Could have sworn that Prime4 was only on WiFi at the time I wrote this.

Ethernet does work.

So they are basically sharing via lan - just like connecting two players together

Yes. That’s correct and definitely works.