Hot Cue/Loop/Track Prep workflow between EP and Prime 4

Two questions about where is best to do track prep, and how to make sure it doesn’t get overwritten either way.

I’ve dumped about 20,000 tracks into my main collection on my computer, and packed them over to the SSD in my Prime 4.

  1. Should I be doing my track preparation (hot cues/loops etc) in the main computer collection, or should I be doing it in the ‘devices’ window on my SSD?

  2. Does the ‘resync track info’ button resync the info between the main collection and the SSD (or USB)? or does it resync the info that has been edited on the fly in standalone mode?


You can do it like you want. I preffer to do it right in the software, because there you can also lable your hotcues. But if you like to do it on the fly while you mix, it also works. If you sync you can choose the direction where you wanna sync to.