Hooking up another controller to my MC6k

Hi Everyone,

I’m Antwuan I play a lot of old school R&B/Hip-Hop. I’ll be playing a set with another DJ. Since my MC6K is a 4 channel mixer. How could we hook-up his controller to mine? I haven’t done this before. I’m sure he could hook-up in channels 3 or 4. We just want to make sure everything will work correctly.


RCA line out of his controller into one of the RCA line ins on your controller. Set the matrix knob to line. Adjust the trims to make sure the channel is a good level. Bring up the fader and you’re good to go.

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Yep. What Todd said! Especially the stage gaining is important. Try playing the same track on both controllers and adjusting the levels so that everything everywhere is 0dB average. That way everything will sound equally loud at the end over the speakers.