hi pitched whistle sound from mic 1

has anyone come across this. when mic1 is in on position theres a high pitched whistling sound through sound system if mic lead is conected or not and when you turn mic button off noise goes away i think its a fault with controller can anyone help

Hello @eddie56,

Did You checked if the sound is there when controller is connected only to power? Did You tried a different power socket?

Ill try that i havent tried that no but dont think thats the cause thanks at the minute

Check, that way we can rule out any additional issues that can come out of power input.

Could the built-in laptop mic be active, giving feedback whistle through the sound system ?

this happens with nothing pluged into controller .only leads are mains lead and speaker leads theres nothing wrong until i press mic button

So this looks like it’s the internal electronics that causes it. Please contact Denon dj support, or Your local dealer to solve the warranty repair…