Hi, my name is Cutty Flame

Where are you based ? Somewhere

How long have you been djing ? 8-9 years

What type of music/gigs do you play ? many genres of House, some Techno and Future Funk. I’d love to play other type music as well as I do for house/techno !

What Denon DJ kit have you got, or want etc? I’ve got 2x DN S-3700 and a DX-600. Of course, like everyone, I dream every nights to have 2 x SC-500 and a X1800. If I have to choose between Nico Robin and all the best of Denon DJ stuff, I’d tell to Nico Robin : “Sorry darlin’, but I love Denon more”

If I can take the liberty to share my differents accounts, I’d thank you very much if you can give me a feedback especially on my Youtube channel where I make what I call “LABORATORY”:

Hope to meet great people !

Welcome Cutty_Flame - Good to have you onboard,

I was just listening/watching your Laboratory #9 … reallllly good transition from around 11mins to 12mins - good tunes!

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Thanks man ! I really appreciated it !

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Welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face: