Help needed


It’s been a while when I last played music. Had to raise few children :slight_smile: Now I’m planning to start DJ’ing again. My last equipment was MC6000MK2 and old MacBookPro 2010 with ElCapitan and Traktor Pro 2. Now bought MacBookPro2018 with Big Sur. Planning to upgrade to Traktor Pro 3 but controller remains the same. My questions are:

  • what is the latest MC6000MK2 firmware which works with Big Sur and Traktor Pro 3?
  • is there any important issues I have to know regarding download to new Mac? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

The 6000MK2 is class compliant on MacOS.

I don’t suppose you should have any issues.

You could always update to the last firmware released.

Seems mc6000mk2 is supported.