Help needed

Ok guys need help. I am batch Automated my tunes so there is an SS next to them. Is there a save I am supposed to do after hitting ok ? Because when I load my usb stick into the Prime 4 all the attributes are lost and it goes back to a non Automated show. Then when I put the usb drive back into the laptop all the SS are still there just will not read the SS file on the prime 4 … any ideas pleaseeeeeee

Few questions:

-you just pull out the usb? Or do you eject it properly

-how do you know all the attributes are lost? Do you say that because of the lightshow which “comes out” by playing a song?

-are you in performance mode? What is your setup in terms of connection to laptop/standalone

-did you turn of your wifi… (well known issue :stuck_out_tongue: )