Hello - New Sc5000 Owner Here

Hi All,

Thought I would introduce myself. I am Simon Gregory, and I hail from the UK. I am a progressive trance producer and DJ and have just taken the plunge and bought into the SC5000’s. What an incredible platform, and coming from MK1 CDJ-2000’s, the feature set on these decks is simply revolutionary!!

Anyway, wish you all well and look forward to speaking to some of you in the future.




I don’t know the Pio’s well but I came from Denon SC2900 and have been blown away by the new players. I absolutely love them!

Hi and welcome here! hope you will be happy with the new units, i love them too, no ask, we all know they have some thing that should be fixed, changed or added, but hey… first comes the music, then anything other, and you can do very fine mixing with the SCs on allround…

progressive style rulez! nice to hear this, myself loves progressive goa, trance and prog. house sounds too :wink:

best regards, Roland