Hello from sunny Southern California!


Hi everyone. My name is Josh aka Jay Daniels. Been a DJ for 23 years. Started very early, at 15 in the mobile industry. From there I moved into radio where I was an on-air personality for about 5 years. I think as DJ’s we adapt and are very versatile. Like many of you, I’ve performed at Weddings, school dances, festivals, nightclubs, and many other functions. My passion is still live mixing but also into production and mixtapes. When other people can pop your mix in and play it over and over, there’s something very gratifying about that. When it comes to my wish list I think we all want bigger and better toys. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want the greatest, newest stuff?!?! Until then, we make do with what we have!


With the Prime Series out, “making do” is a bit besides the mark :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL True, if you just have money laying around to be buying stuff :sunglasses:


Dare I say I have the MCX8000 which isn’t all that “making do” either LOL. But I started playing on two non-matching belt-drive turntables with a dual phono channel rotary amp for a mixer back in 1974. I figure I have proved on many occasions that I can make do with just about anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well good for you. I do too among other stuff, but doesn’t really matter what you have as long as you make good music. 2 non matching belt drives do just fine!

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