Hello from Jersey, Channel Islands

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself before I jump into the forums.

I am a relatively new to DJ’ing and have recently moved from Pioneer kit (RX2) onto Denon (Prime 4) and absolutely loving it.

When I am not doing my day job, I do some lighting for Glade at Glastonbury Festival and I am equally happy in the sun of Ibiza or the mud of a festival.

Looking forward to getting involved in the forums and learning lots.


Hello @Kingsland Welcome to the forum.

I am a Light designer too. Running on Ma, Hog, Onyx in the South of Netherlands. Yes, I miss the festivals too…

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Welcome to the forum ,mate.

Thanks subwax

hello @Kingsland

Greetings from Austria here :wink: have a nice time with ya p4 gear and the forum !

Cheers djprosac