Hello from Crossfader!

Hey guys,

Thought it was about time I get myself more active inside the forum so thought I’d say hello to everyone! I’m James, more commonly known as Holland and I’m probably best known for being part of the team at Crossfader, the online DJ school and YouTube channel!

Away from Crossfader, I’m a club/festival DJ hailing from Leeds in the UK (well I was before covid struck anyway!)

Hope you’re all well, you’ll probably find me lurking in the tech help / feature request sections in the coming weeks!

Take care and speak soon!



Hi James, welcome to the forum!

Nice to see an embracement of the brand. Any help to our community is without a doubt greatly appreciated!!

Greetings from my country (Holland…) :wink:

Hi James, welcome and greetings from Italy. :+1: :wave:

Much love and greetings from Stateside.

Hi from Poland to DJ Holland :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello from North Derbyshire (not too far away). I travel to Bop DJ whenever I can to pick goodies up so always in and around Leeds. Around 10 years ago I used to DJ a bit of Tiger Tiger in Leeds.

Always good to see you guys on here. I watch your channel often so glad you’ve made yourselves at home here.



Hey Dj Holland, Greetings from Holland (again) Great to have You here!

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Thanks for the kind welcomes guys!

Hi from Sweden

Hi from London

Hi James,

I’ve watched loads of your YouTube videos, great content thank you.

I parted from DJing about 9 years ago after around 13 years, and have been itching to get some kit and play at home and maybe just do gigs for fun rather than back to full time (obviously not at the present time…)

Great to see you embracing the Denon kit, I was a Denon user for most of my DJ time but moved to Pioneer as it was in most of the venues I played at, however these SC6000’s… that was the kit I wanted 9 years ago! I had one of the first pairs of SC2900’s in the UK hoping they would rival the CDJ but sadly the Engine software at the time made the fairly hopeless and I sold them soon after.

I don’t think that is the case now with the 6000s but I really can’t decide between them and an XDJ XZ…

Keep up the great work on the YT videos.

All the best Tom.

Hi from Russia

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Hello, my name is Roy welcome and greetings from the Netherlands.

i have see you some of your video’s on youtube… very informative.

have good one and be safe and take care.