Hello from Belgium


I’m a dj from Belgium. Started eind 2000 with a old denon 2000 (double cd player) and a little mixer. Started buying vinyl & turntables. Played first time for audience in 2003. From 2003 till 2015: 3 gigs / week (small clubs, parties till 3000 people, private parties) Since 2015: 1 or 2 / Week, mostly weddings, companiesparty, private party, small clubs

Used serato since 2011. @ home: 2 pioneer controllers, 2 turntables and little mixer. In public: Pioneer nexus 2 set.

Now I ordered 2 sc 5000M and a X 1800 Not my first denon equipment, in the past i owned 2x dn-s 3000 and a xn1500 but sold it later…

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Hello @Kurt.pke Welcome to the forum! Greetings from the Netherlands

Howdy southern neighbor