heat issues

I am considering buying a prime 4, as I live in FL and alot of my gigs are outside. Does anybody has issues with over heating? As the 2016 and up MAC’s have overheating issues. thats why I am thinking about picking up a prime 4.

Sorry m8, we have fall weather 3 quarters of the year LOL. Temperatures I should worry about only happen a few times a year. That said, even in relative warm and humid indoor circumstances I haven’t noticed any significant temperature raises.

Same country here. Only waterproof issues.

As for the heat issues, it’s all depending on a bit of shadow, a bit of a breeze etc. At least try to avoid direct sunlight for any type of device.


Just that really. Common sense, give it some shade, maybe a desk fan blowing on it.

Don’t use a decksaver - it’ll be a greenhouse!

On especially hot days even minimise the power on time for your main party device by running pre-show or background music off of a different source

Don’t go anywhere without my E-Z Up tent in the summer.