Hdd not inlist of device?

How come that my hdd drives won’t be able in the device list? I Have tried both of my hdd and none will appear. They are both formatted Fat32 and they are both 500gb.

Sorry of my english, i’m dutch :wink:

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assume you are on a Windows PC?

I your HDD is an external USB HDD and does it show up in windows as a drive but in Engine Prime it doesn’t show in the device list?

Hey Polderboy,

That’s correct!

are there any other storage devices connected to your computer which are not fat32 or exfat?

no, just the hdd.

Do you see the drive in the “file system browser” with the “folder” icon left of the Devices “usb stick” icon? in Engine?

I just plugged in a new USB 3.0 External HDD that I formatted exfat and this one does show up in the “file system browser” and thus I can use it, Not perfect as it is an external drive I would expext, like many others, that it would show up in the “devices” part as an external drive.

I found this one in: http://denondj.com/kb/article/2322#Windows_explorer

Help! My external drive doesn’t show up in the devices panel. (Windows)

This may happen when Windows (and therefore Engine Prime) detects an external drive as an internal drive. This can happen if an internal SATA drive is placed in a 3rd party USB enclosure. We do not support these drives and recommend you do not use them, as Windows is unable to safely eject the drives.

I had a look around on the internet and this seems to be a problem for Windows 10 users, whether they are DJs or business guys. Windows 10 doesn’t always see an External Drive as an External drive.

Some of the windows solutions forums suggest that the drives “Hot Swappable?” option in Windows 10 can be toggled on/off and this seems to help some people.