HD in source Laptop crashed

So I backuped my library on the same drive, but when your ‘home’ HD crashes: you lose everything: music, EP db, and EP db backup. I didn’t copy it to an external drive.

I do have a Google Drive cloud backup of all music and Itunes DB. So not a disaster, except losing the Engine cue points and loops would be a huge downside.

I have my SD card used by the Prime 4 with 75% of my music with all my cues and loops.

Will i be able to transfer the SD card’s content to a computer and recreate the DB from there? all my loops and cues are on the SD drive.

If i create the Prime database from scratch, will i be able to select ‘the sync from external drive to library’ function when inserting the SD card? (knowing that i will have all my exact music files on that drive - but not on exactly the same location)

thx OA

We live and learn

Still i’m not sure if keeping it on a spare drive would had been helpfull ,if your entire drive crashes. That would mean that when you format a new drive and setup WIN/OSX , the user account, drive name and folder structure should be exactly the same for the library file to work right?

So you should remember all that by heart and can’t miss 1 letter… right?

What’s up @OliverAlex,

Sorry to hear of your issue. I’m a little confused. You say that you backed up your library. Where is/was the backup?

You said that you have what I need on a stick. Is your entire library on your stick or just part of your library?

ok i just spent some time with the broken drive and i recovered the ‘Engine Library’ database folder

So i have

  • a copy of the Engine Prime database (not the music files - see next point)
  • all my music files and itunes stored on a Google Drive cloud (so i just need to sync to a new drive, but files wont be on exactly the same path)
  • an SD card (from my Prime 4) with 75% of my music and corresponding Engine prime database. It was exported the way it should. a lot of cues/loops are added and i want to recover those off course

what should i do? I have a new hard drive which i will install, but impossible to make exactly the same folder structure + i was using several user accounts (EP was on another account than my music collection) + etc. So making a clone from my old drive is not desirable (i want to use the opportunity to delete some user accounts, make folder structure cleaner on the new partition).

My workflow (Someone may find this helpful)

I Keep the main collection on an external SSD, and make a clone or two with regular external drives.


  • Your collection is portable
  • Hot swap with other computers easily
  • The clone works just like your main
  • The drive can also be used directly with the prime hardware.


  • Well you give up one usb port (not an issue to me since I have 4 USB on the laptop)
  1. Replace the hard drive
  2. Download the recovered DB to Music folder (on the new HD)
  3. Download your tracks from google drive back to where it was.

Fire up Engine Prime and hope for the best

If that doesn’t work

Upload that recovered DB to rekordcloud and use the relocate file function

I don’t think there is a way to recover from export drives yet…I could be wrong though

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allright, sounds good. I will try this once i downloaded my music from the cloud.

The big question is: how does the external export (usb stick, sd card) relate to the library. I read somewhere that it takes the same folder structure. So i might be lucky that even when i put my cloud music IN another folder, the folder structure within is still the same and matches the external EP drive.

No it doesn’t use the same structure

It creates an Engine Folder and sorts the music per artist per album

Engine > Music > 50 Cent > Get Rich or Try Dyin’ > 50 cent - Many Men.mp3

ow yes you are right.

Still: i was wondering if there is a 1:1 link to the EP mother database. Or would an external drive be sync-able to another library containing the same songs?

let’s see