Hate update 2.0 how do I go back to 1.6

I want to go back to previous firmware, how?

A bit of explanation would be useful.

OK you “hate” it - but why? What issues are you having?

If you don’t provide feedback to Denon, how can they make a version you “love” instead?


What problems are you experiencing? It seems to work great for me.


I have no Problem with v. 2.0…:sweat_smile: … The only thing that no longer works is that Tidal is the BPM and key no longer displayed?!


There are tones of issues and complaints for this new firnware and you ask the member why he wants to roll back. Do you read the forum since the new release was published? I love Denon and my. prime 4, even if I have lately a hardware issue, but it is clear after all these posts that something is going wrong with the tests that were performed before go live. By the way, regarding my problem, thanks the Denon Team that called me and had a nice discussion about it.


And my only issue is that UNBOX stopped working with 2.0 LOL

I also have no problems with 2.0 because i again use 1.6.1 :wink:

But seriously, if you don’t need lighting, you can stay with 1.6.x at the moment. Denon should first know about of bugs that have to be solved.

@Stamzdj If you have not already done so, simply select Update in the settings in the prime 4 at the appropriate point. Copy the last version in advance e.g. on a USB stick and then simply install over it

Did you get answer how to ?

Install a previous version (like V1.6.2) just as you would do a regular update.

Thank you very much