Hardware or Software problem?

When playing track of music, if I touch the RH platter and slowly, or fast, wind backwards, the track stops playing and I can’t restart it. I can hold the cue button down and it will play, but not with the play button. The controller is sending a signal, but the software is not acting on it. Any ideas guys?

Hi @Kevmia and welcome to the forum!

I’m sorry you are having this problem, it sounds like the best option here is to contact customer support direct to assist: https://www.denondj.com/support

Regards J

Thanks Jay.

I was just wondering if any body else had the same issue at some point.

Thanks again.

Sounds more like a software issue to me. Are you using Serato ?. If so i have found V2.0.5 to be the best / most stable version.

Hi Paul,

Rolled back to 2.0.5, no change. Further investigation, it now appears that his happens as soon as I touch the platter, I don’t have to move it, it just pauses the track and thats it. The left channel is worming fine.

I had the EXACT same problem. Had to improvise last Friday night right in the middle of a set. I couldn’t restart, dance floor was packed and never hit a dead spot, luckily my left platter stayed up and I could drop tracks on deck 4 using hot cues.

If you ever figure out what causes this keep me posted, I just bought the prime 4 but will still be using the 7000 from time to time.