Hard Drive Prime 4 format

I have pre ordered my P4 so to get ready I have purchased a seagate ssd sata 2.5 internal drive. It is formatted to Exfat. I am building up my music library using prime engine in ready to insert the drive into the P4. Questions for you tech buffs…

Is exfat or fat32 better ?

I am transferring my music over from engine to my hard drive with 7k plus tunes moved over with no problem. But now it will not move anymore creates over to the hard drive so my question is, is there a limit to how many creates and sub creates you can have ?

Check this tutorial 2 sec. Search :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Not really answered my questions Fons

Head over to the Prime 4 page, under supported media it says the following:

File Systems: exFAT FAT32 (recommended)

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