Greetings from Malaysia (but french) - from pioneer to denon!

Hi everyone,

Happy to be there! I’m 26 and DJing since 2 years in my bedroom in France. I’m now a mobile dj since january and I enjoyed it, but it missed something.

Now I’m living in Malaysia (moving here because of my main job) and I’m already thinking of being a club DJ, I guess it’s a personal choice to do the next step (so, in Asia). I hope to find great advices here and sharing experience :slight_smile:

So in first I’ve one question about Denon in clubs.

I’m planning to move from Pioneer to Denon and I’m looking for the prime gear. I tried it in a friend’s house and since this day I really want to move on haha. I heard it might be difficult to find the prime gear (or to introduce it) in clubs, and to be true I’ve rarely seen it. If someone had this problem in the past and might tell me more about how he/she dealt with it, It would be very nice.

And this question remains for the Denon team. Did you put some stuff in asian clubs?

Thank you all, see you on this forum.

Pioneer tends to be the industry standard around the world from what I know. This shouldn’t stop you from picking Denon though.

Look at what features each equipment has, what works best for you? Do you need 4 or 2 channels? Will you be hooking anything else up too it at home? What sort of music are you going to be playing? Do you need a laptop or are you happy without one? Etc. Etc.

Hi ScottyDee, thanks for the answer.

Yeah I know why I want to upgrade my gears. In fact I’m surprised to not see a lot of DJ in clubs using other stuffs and my original question is about the possibility to play with a Denon gear in clubs, and if some of peoples on the forum have not been allowed to, or if it was difficult to convince a club. I’m wondering about it just because it’s not common. I can play on pioneer stuff but yeah, it’s all about preference.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Suppose it depends on a lot of factors…how sound the club is, your ability, Insurance etc.

I imagine this will vary club to club