Good tools are half the battle!

Hello all,

I follow this forum almost more then a month now, its time to subscribe now. I listen, make and finally mix with dark dubstep, techno and hardcore. Started with the age of around 8 (with 2 walkmans and a speaker) I think in 1988, and still love it. Im gonna post my studio here also, because i like it, and motivas me when i see others :wink:

Greeting from the Netherlands!


Welkom op het forum @J8W8

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Welcome, look forward to the pics n mix.

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Welkom op het forum, blij je aan boord te hebben!

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I did that before :laughing:

I found that walkmans have a pitch calibrator and used that for speeding up and slowing down the songs. It was good when the batteries were getting low.