FX juicing the main signal more than expected — bug?

New x1800 owner here.

I’m finding that the FX can add a lot more energy & volume to a signal than expected. The one scenario I just found is:

  1. Track playing on a channel
  2. Reverb selected in FX and FX filter set to only hit the highs (like > 4.6 kHz)
  3. Wet/dry set to fully wet
  4. Turn on FX and the bass in the master signal gets significantly louder

Am I missing something here? My understanding of the filter is that it would apply only to the desired frequencies — the unaffected parts should maintain the same signal strength.

Something up with my unit? Expected behavior? :thinking:

I set the same scenario as you describe and yes, you are completely right, the bass gets slightly louder which is of course not expected. Anyway, in my case this does not bother me, but yes, you are right!

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Okay thanks for trying it out! I’m glad (?) I’m not alone on this.

I’m new to using FX so possibly this is expected behavior somehow? But it really seems to mess w/ mixing — in order to apply the effect and not get that lift in energy you have to keep a hand on the channel fader to keep the overall output roughly consistent. Annoying!

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