( Function request ) "Swip to switch interface"

Hi everyone, I’m writing this post for Denon.

I ask if it is possible to add in a prox firmware as a new feautures, a “swip” on the display, to change the interface, from EngineDJ to Engine Lighting.

I think it would be much more convenient and the “View” button will thank us very much, since so many have had problems with broken buttons. :slight_smile:

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There’s a new “voting for new features” system coming into the forum soon, but it’s not operational yet.

Probably best to add your idea to the new voting system when it’s ready, then see how many people use one of their ten voting tokens to your idea

Yes yes I knew it, is that as long as it is not ready, I entered it here.

Maybe then the moderators will move it to the new section when it’s ready.

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