Full integration between SC6000(M) & Prime4

Would it be possible to have a “full integration” between Denon Prime4 and SC6000(M)? In other words could we have the same functionality when connecting the SC6000(M) to the Prime 4 as we have by connecting the SC6000(M) to X1850 mixer? Would it be possible to have all 4 wave-forms displayed on the Prime 4 display (2 decks from Prime 4 and two wave-forms from SC6000(M) deck(s)?)

Thank you in advance!

That doesn’t really make sense, you don’t get any waveforms on the X1850 mixer when you link it with the SC players

Waveforms could be an added functionality in the Prime 4 with SC6000(M), beyond the functionality that X1850 offers. Imagine how nice it would be to control 4 decks and having their waveforms at the same screen.

If it’s a added functionality why did you compare it with the X1850, to make it seem like they intentionally ommited a feature?

All this could be achieved when it is possible to connect 2 x LC6000 to a Prime 4 (in standalone). Assuming they decide to do this.

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If you read my comment carefully, you will realize that I have two different suggestions. 1: to have the full functionality like the X1850 (as much as possible) then I have a full stop and: 2: to have all 4 waveforms. If waveforms was a functionality already existed in X1850 there would be no reason to write it separately. I had no reason to say that they intentionally omitted a feature…

This is what confused me also, basically he is asking for that. But instead of LC6000 for the SC6000 to be used in the same way, as controllers.

But then no waveforms on the SC screens because that would require waveform data in realtime be pulled through ethernet with all the other traffic which would wreak havoc on stability.

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