Frozen play button on Denon MCX8000

Hey guys,

I’ve been recording my own sets using the Denon MCX8000 and it’s great. However I’ve experienced a few instances where I am using 3/4 decks together and the play button freezes up on one deck.

Example: Deck 1: Playing song Deck 2: Acapella/loop Deck 3: Playing song (Deck 1 + 3 on same side)

Deck 1 + 2 are playing, click play on deck 3 but play button is not responsive. Go back to deck 1 and play button works perfectly fine. Switch back, deck 3 is still unresponsive.

Currently, my only solution is to reboot the controller. I am totally paranoid that this may happen during a live performance. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I recently upgraded to the latest firmware and have a dedicated laptop for music w/ no other apps running in the background. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

You’ve mentioned “Deck 3,- playing song” then mentioned pressing play on deck three doesn’t do anything.

Do you mean, instead of “Deck 3 playing” that deck 3 is cued up ready to play?

Is all this when using the unit in standalone mode with no computer connected, or while using DJ software and a lappy connected?

Yes, sorry for the confusion. I meant Deck 3 is cued up, ready to play. But when I hit the play button, it is unresponsive. Switch back to deck 1, the play button works properly.

And This is with lappy connected w/ Serato.

Does the controller do 4 decks stand alone?

the deck does two decks in standalone.

2 control surfaces, a mixer , 2 full colour screens and a really high quality sound card and signal path is a lot of kit for the money, so two decks in standalone mode it is.

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Last night DJing live using Serato and 2 decks, channel one play and pause froze, had to restart. Not good in a live set, or anytime. Ideas?

You switched the serato deck from INT playback to REL/ABS?