Folder based workflow not working

1.) Prime 4 connected via USB to a Macbook Pro and set to remote mode

2.) Copy folders with files on the internal Prime 4 SSD

3.) Analyzing files with engine and everything appears as it suppose to be.

4.) Restart Prime 4 in stand alone mode browsing by folders and all folders appears but the listing of the tracks show file names only no metas no art work.

5.) Same in the listing of the deck view. Once I pull a track in to a deck, meta data is shown below the waveform and the art work is shown on the patter screen only.

My System:

Prime 4 Version 1.3.2

Prime Engine 1.3.1

Macbook Pro 2017 Mojave 10.14.5

Why not make a collection? You’ll see way more than what you want to see.

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I’m working file structure folder based only as I did for a decade with Traktor S4.

Beside in order to reflect your folder structure in crates or playlists you have to create those item manually piece by piece and even worst if you change something in your folders it never gets updated in the crate based library. So whenever you change you have to remind that crate related to the folder and re-analyze the whole thing.

I dont think this is the right way to do it unless im mistaken the correct way is:

1.) Disconnect the prime 4 to avoid confusion 2.) Import the songs to Engine Prime on your computer 2.) Analyze songs, edit grids etc 3.) Plug in Prime 4 and put in remote mode 4.) Drag crate/playlists/colection from Enginge Prime to the Prime 4 within the Engine Prime software.

I get that, but view it as an old workflow. You buy music, listen, prepare, put it in a crate to carry with you.

Anyway, if you want all options, like searching for music, file based structure just isn’t the way forward. Database is.

This is expected

it’s not designed to be used like that.

In the file structure view you’ll see drive hierarchy, in folders and subfolders, but without tags or artwork.

Tags and artwork is only displayed when you browse the logical collection, not the physical folder hierarchy - this is, when you search, you navigate into playlists, or you navigate into crates.

The closer thing you can do in Prime to what you want to is to create on crate per folder.

Yes, you are unfortunately right…

My gripe here is that even if you use the library as intended by Denon (using the library logical views and not the folder hierarchy view), there is no way to automatically incorporate to the library newly added songs. If you add one song to one folder, you would need to explicitly add that folder to the library by hand. There is no mechanism where Engine listens for changes to a folder and automatically imports newly added songs.

Thank you guys for your replies and suggestions, but still this a bug.

In the second picture you can see that the listing in prime engine is completely fine and it shows the correct volume which is the internal SSD of the Prime 4.

All I’m asking now is to see the same result at Primes display.

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Then it’s still not a bug, but a feature request.

I could check the SC5000 display, but I think it’s by design. So again: no bug.

So why would you see the artwork at the platter screen also mp3 tags below the waveform all is there except the list. What does make this sense when this not a bug? See picture 4 and 5

BTW what makes you sure this isn’t a bug. Are you involved in denons software development?

If you still insist that its by design, well then this design is wrong. Period.

Checked. The SC has the same “bug”.

I guess I wouldn’t know.

I agree with Reese, this is not a bug, its the way it works, you probably see the artwork on the platter as it is pulled in as the file is loaded, on the browse screen because you are not using the software correctly IE as a flat folder list insted of a Prime database you dont get the artwork preview.

You should probably read the manual on the correct way to create a database/collection, this is the industry standard ie Denon/Pioneer way to do things, you are using a very outdated workflow from what I can tell which is not designed for todays more intelligent players, if you you have a laptop you can run prime on why would you not want to create a database and use all the great features that brings including artwork previews??

Adding to this.

File structure view is slow. No index is being made. Adding artwork to this view makes it even slower.

On a computer the File structure index is made by the OS like the Windows Search internal database. So while it not seem that way, even that is a database driven view.

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For those who haven’t completely understand what this bug is about, I made this video demonstration:

HI @kirkmonteux, go into the settings and make sure “METADATA” is selected and not “FILE NAME”

Also, try creating playlists or crates and moving the files into them

This should help

What settings? In prime 4 it called “Preferences” or “Utility” and there is no such thing like “Metadata”

Doesn’t work for me I only work folder file structure based.

Hi @kirkmonteux,

Please navigate to PREFERENCES and scroll down to the TRACK TITLE section and find the “METADATA” / “FILE NAME” option.

If you are trying to use the system in its most basic way you cant expect to have all the features, bells and whistles, use the system the way it is designed and it will work as expected.

Ok found it and it was set to metadata.

So still no meta and art work in folder view

That only affects the “logical” views of the library (playlists, crates, prepare, search results), not the the “physical / hierarchical” view of the library (the one with the folder icon). The latter does only show the contents of one folder in the file system, does not read the tags or artwork of the audio files, and it’s not governed by the state of the Engine library (the database built by Engine Prime) or the settings in the system.

It does work perfectly with Traktor S4 as I said before and Native don’t even claim boldly to be the “most advanced dj system” as Denon does.