First error/freeze with my SC5000 at a gig

Ran into a pretty major freeze up with my SC5000 while playing out last night. Currently only using one player along side two vinyl decks, which is what made the freeze such an issue. I bought my player right after they were launched in the US and haven’t had any issues with the hardware until now.

I was ~2hrs into my 4hr set, playing tracks off both layers. As one track ends I load the next. As usual I tap cue a few times to get my tracks in sync. Suddenly I realize that the new track (not playing through the PA) wont stop. like no matter what I do, cue, play/pause, hot cues, all have ZERO effect and the track keeps going. Strangely I’m able to load a new track into the playing/non-responsive deck. The new track loaded into the non-responsive deck has the same issue as the first. It starts playing as soon as it’s loaded and wont stop or cue.

Please note all tracks were prepped in Engine Prime and had been analyzed. The USB stick is a SanDisk Extreme 64gb formatted in FAT.

Luckily I also play vinyl along side digital in my sets so I’m able to cue up a track off vinyl and then restart the SC5000. After a restart the player seems to be working normally, albeit with the occasional flicker of the LCD.

I’ll be reaching out to Denon as this is not the only strange thing my SC5000 does (flickering display, non-detecting USB’s, notchy adjustable platter tension…) Hopefully these issues are because I bought one of the first players in the US.

Has anyone else encountered a non-responsive deck?

Was this whilst using engine connect with the x1800 mixer or with some other mixer?

Was using a Xone 92, two analogue channels RCA out. Had my USB plugged into the front slot. I was also using a small Ikea usb powered goose neck light plugged into a rear USB port but I’ve been doing this for months with no issue, until now.

I also should have said the other deck (no idea which was A or B, things were moving fast) was working just fine.

Theres new firmware coming extremely soon for the SC5000 which clears up all sorts of things.

I would however always recommend removing all Non-music storage USB devices from the USB ports. A $5 usb plug won’t interrupt your workflow if a gooseneck light or other novelty has developed a short or break.

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