First 5 hours with the sc5000 after switching from traktor. Couple of issues!

Hi, I have invested in a pair of sc5000 players after using Traktor for quite some time along with vinyl and cdj 2000 nexus range. Straight away I loved these, they are an amazing bit of kit. However there are a couple of issues im struggling with.

The main issue is not being able to arrange and rearrange my playlist straight from the player, Cant even delete tracks or rate them etc. If I am wrong please someone let me know how its done.

The second issue is that i have read they say the scrolling of the waveform is silky smooth? I am playing flac files analyzed is engine prime and the waveform is quite rough and jerky. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Anyway love these players for mixing and would to see an update ASAP for arranging playlists and sets on the fly. (Move to folder, move up and down & delete etc)

The waveforms seem smooth on my players, so I’m not sure exactly what issue you are having there.

For now, all organizing and changing to playlists and track data is on the Prime desktop app, except for the ability to analyze/stripe on the player on the fly.

I just moved my Traktor playlists over to Prime. Easy. I re-arrange things in iTunes or Traktor and drag them to Prime.

How did you manage to drag over playlist from traktor to prime? Iv looked into it and all iv read how to do it is to use a piece of software call the denon conversion utility which im not willing to buy.

I’ve also observed some jerky waveforms, not a big deal for me as long as audio does not stop/stutter.