Firmware upgrade to 1.6.2. got stuck

So today I finally tried to upgrade my 1.6.1. firmware to 1.6.2. over-the-air. And after a quick download, I’m now looking at the

UPDATING Please do not unplug

screen for 2 hours. There is no progress indicator (would be helpful to have).

This clearly goes nowhere. So what to do?

Can you power it down?

Yes. Just tried that, after 4 hours. After which is still was on 1.6.1. So I retried the upgrading, and yet again is it stuck on that UPDATING screen. Clearly something fishy is going on here. Any help?

What method? USB stick or USB cable and computer?

…and it also failed a 3rd time. So I looked for a USB cable and updated it the old fashioned way: worked within 2 minutes.

Clearly over-the-air firmware updating really does seem to need some more QA time.

Yeah i always use the usb cable, most reliable way and gets done in less than a minute.