Firmware Update - X1850 Prime v1.2

Hi Everyone,

A new version of X1850 Prime firmware is now available. Version 1.2 brings a number usability and stability improvements. Download link and the full release notes are below.


Release Notes | X1850 Version 1.2

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where Gate Sweep FX reduced audio level when turning from center to right
  • Fixed an issue where FX length was incorrect when quantize was on and deck was in a loop
  • Fixed an issue where Sweep FX did not disengage properly when control was centered
  • Fixed an issue where switching EQ type would create audio pop
  • Fixed network issue that caused instant FX latch unexpectedly
  • Renamed ‘TRANS’ BPM FX to ‘AUTO GATE’ (functionality unchanged)
  • Improved PHASER BPM FX sound at 96kHz
  • Improved data flow over the network
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

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Thank you very much Denon.