Firmware level for mixer for 1.2 SC5000 firmwares

Im’ getting this prime mixer with two SC5000 Prime arriving next week early.

There are posts from months ago telling that the only certain firmwares versions of the mixer can be used with certain firmwares in the SC5000 Primes.

The SC5000 primes which I get are unlikely to have firmwares 1.2 in them when they arrive but I will update them instant when they arrive as I have all ready installed Engine 1.2.

But what firmwares must I make sure is in the mixer to make sure that all things work together. Im wanting to use two 6gb drives with GUID formating (one at a time) and an 8gb drive with guid at home for the LIBRARY or master drive.

Just update the mixer to latest 1.1.1. Preferably first. Then the SC’s to 1.2.

Database limit was a player cap. Engine Connect will work fine.

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