Firm ware roll back?

Is this possible on the prime 4? My cross fader has completely stopped working Any help please?

I’m on 1.4.1 firm ware. Everything was working great then tried my cross fader at a gig and it’s non existent. Prior to that the screen froze when I was booting up and I had to turn it off and on, so I’m guessing it’s some kind of software issue within the console that’s caused it

Is there not a feature for deactivating the x-fader somewhere in the settings? I don’t own a P4 but thought I read it was introduced and if I am wrong and it was just for the PrimeGo, then also make sure your x-fader is not set to through.

Also, I am looking at their site HERE and they have 1.5.2 available so why aren’t you upgrading to the latest?


Prime 4 1.5.2 release notes

You did check that its not set to THRU? (You probably did, but just making sure :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Thanks for your responses guys.

I had a look via the settings on the screen previously and couldn’t see any setting regarding deactivating the cross fader but I will have another look tomorrow and see if I’ve missed it I’ve never noticed it before but could have been added into 1.4.1 .

I have just moved home and iam waiting on the internet being installed on Wednesday and will update the form ware and hope that’ll solve the issue , I will need to check to see how stable the new update is.

Both the decks are set to left and right respectively. I’m hoping the cross fader isn’t needing replaced already as I’ve only had the unit since last August.

I’ll dig around the settings on the screen to see if there is an option to switch the cross fader off

Thanks for your help folk :sunglasses:

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I don’t think the Prime4 has a software option to turn the crossfader off as it has hardware switches for that.


That would make sense.

No, the Prime 4 has no screen option. Look at what Engell wrote to you, that’s the only way to turn off the cross fader:

Thanks for your responses in still no closer to finding out why cross fader has chucked it. As I said earlier only reason I think it has is the screen freezing and me having to restart the system. Coming from 1200s, serato scratch live, ddjsx now prime 4 I’m at a loss other than someone either dropping alcohol or something down on the fader. But you usually hear crackling and cross fader working then not working. Not a complete loss of its use :disappointed:

Tomorrow my internet gets installed I’m hoping to update the firm ware and hopefully it’ll fix the problem. I’m just hoping there’s no other problems as I use my system every weekend at parties

mines gone faulty, its bleeding to the right side, at first there was no sound on the right. they havent been used for a while and have been covered from dust. i disconnected the fader and theres no sound from the right but there is on the left…