Female DJs on this forum?


Hey Girls . I’m a female DJ in a very male world and feelin that we girls really need to stick together and join forces to make sure we’re not got at for being girls.

Any other females DJs hearing this here?


Do you mean out in the DJing world and clubs or here in this forum?

I’ve heard several times dumb-ass hecklers be quiet all the time that male DJs were on, then they heckle female DJs with all the usual caveman comments of stop the music and take your top off or simply questioning the female DJs choices of music when they probably wouldn’t have questioned the male DJs music.



I have a question for you. I noticed that in your BIO that you spin house music. I’m in Richmond, Va right now and I’m having the hardest time in the world finding music. Just wanted to know where do you get your music from? I have tried Beatport and Traxsource and quite frankly not feeling those sites. Every site that I have checked I do a search for simple old school house and they don’t have it. I want to be able to go to any site/record pool and find any song that has ever been made. Thank you for your time and effort. Would be much appreciated if you could help a brother out.


Yeah I know what you mean. I think a lot of the download/pay sites (and I only use pay sites) think that GOOD means NEW (wrong, wrong, wrong… in my opinion anyway). So if you go to a site and search for anthems, it’s real easy to feel you’re shooting blanks as they just have almost nothing in terms of a bak catalogue.

Luckily, for me, I spin 70% older tunes rather than finger-on-the-pulse, upfront tunes. So, once I got a track, I got it and can spin it for years to come.

Beatport, I found can be fairly good for tunes, but their formats can sometimes be odd - sometimes I gotta rip their tunes through a format converter, like out to FLAC then back in to MP3, just to clear out whatever weird stuff Beatport have pimped their files with - some of their tracks have MASSIVE album art files that some of my other software didnt like.

Traxsource is better than Beatport - they seem to muck around with the files less and they do like their house music genre splits, making their tunes a bit easier to sort through - I don’t always agree with their genre splits e.g.: Classic House Vs Acid house… sometimes they seem a bit confused.

Juno can be good, especially if you’re tracking down House from the UK (and European groups / artistes etc)

Promo Only can sometimes have a few nice surprises and Disco Mix Club have a reasonable backcatalogue for older classic tracks - but very mainstream, which is ok if you’re looking at crowd pleasing’ rather than up-to-date stealthy treasure hunting.