Feature requests , Waveforms, BPM and filters

I am missing quite a few functions that are easy to implement:

Drag and drop multiple folders to make multiple playlists. This would speed up the process of getting started. Most people just have everything in folders anyway.

Manual bpm: Weird that it isn’t possible to change the original bpm of a song more than x2 and /2 on the players.

Variable bpm: There are quite some songs , for example transitions that have different bpm throughout the song. This is easy to add.

Import everything from traktor and serato, disable that engine does the bpm analyze, because the bpm analyze of the engine is HORRIBLE.

Better bpm analyze.

Mixedinkey has energy analyze, this should be possible here too.

Change what to analyze: I have mixedinkey and a better software to analyze bpm, key and energy doesn’t exist, make it possible to choose what to analyze.

Possible to choose what layer is which cue: I have always played with cdj1 on channel and cdj on channel 4, i want the b-layers to be on 2-3 , it’s possible to connect it that way , but the color and link gets messed up.

Multiple filters: Able to choose , key Fminor + 125 bpm, techno for example

Tap bpm, there really should be a tap-bpm for the analysis, this was even available on cdn-34 from numark in the 90s.

Multi color waveform. This one is a no-brainer. I agree that the waveform melts together with the design but there should be more options.

Maybe do a collab with mixed in key?


Yes! I’ve recently been putting together a mix of 80s and early 90s dance tracks and their tempos are all over the place. At the moment Engine just chooses a BPM and you’re stuck with it. Engine should analyse the whole song and warp the beat grid so that it’s tight on the transients all the way through.

+1 on everything you wrote.

I play hip hop, rnb. The BPM algorithm is atrocious for loads of my tracks.

100bpm tracks coming up as 67 or 133bpm

An option for Engine Prime not to reanalyse bpm if the track already contains BPM information and/or Key will be a workaround. At least we can use other software with better bpm algorithm prior to importing to Engine Prime.

The ultimate will be for Denon to improve their BPM algorithm.

I think Traktor has the best, even with 65/70bpm tracks.

I don’t have my BPM values written in comments or any other place as I’m used to software’s getting the correct value in the BPM field.

You should really try mixed in key, I thinks no program beats it. Traktor takes a very close second place. Had very very few problems with traktor when it came to bpm.

Does MIK write BPM to other columns e.g. Comment field or any other field I can sacrifice


Never mind. Found the answer to it, it does.

Maybe I will add it to my collection and start using it.

Hi guys,

I too use mik and I must say it does it job. Found this link on how to use it with prime.

For me this works with mp3 but gives no usable result with flac files. At least for the key. The energy level is OK.

Noticed that you need to reanalyse the tracks to get the beatgrid. And this will overwrite the bpm that was previously found. Even if you manually change the bpm, let’s say x2, it will get overwritten when you reanalyse.

This is a feature I would love to see as I to have many variable bmp/tempo tunes, if not as an auto detect feature then as manual would be fine.

Would also like to see the window for waveform in greater detail, at present its 3 seconds in the view window at lowest limit, I would like it down to 2 seconds please, for manual grid adjust greater detail would be useful.

While you can’t have more than one BPM you CAN “warp” the track in Engine Prime.

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Am I missing something?? If I move a beat/grid point all the other grid points move to?

Can You explain or point me in the right direction regarding tunes with varied bpm

Thanks SirReal , have sussed it, Just use the Move Ankor tool, can`t believe I missed this when reading intructions first time round.

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It would be crazy cool if Denon and MIK made some kind of deal where MIK’s analysis engine was used in EP.

Flexible beatgrids are already possible, just not automatically done with analysis. In EP, once you’ve put a track (we’ll use unquantized Disco for example), go to the view on the top left that shows your Grid Edit controls. Above the trash can button there’s a marker button, put one on the cue point, then go through the track. Once you start seeing the grid drift off the transients, go back to the last beat that was on the grid and place a marker, THEN go forward into the section that falls off and every few beats place a marker on the transient.

It’ll take a while but once you’re done make sure to sync the changes and try it out.

You can also use the Rating stars for energy level, you have to set them all individually sure, but that’s the best way to do it.

Additional deck layouts for channels should be doable. Personally I use BAAB.

Manual BPM: Isn’t that what the tempo fader is for? Unless you mean in EP.

Additional waveform color pallets should be a thing, some people can’t see certain colors. It would be neat if they corresponded with Layer color

In Engine Prime, it doesn’t show all Audio Devices, needs a scroll bar. Not sure why the sample rate and buffer sizes are available if you cant change them (not sure why you’d want to but it’s there so)

Better Grid and general track analysis, possible automatic flexible beatgrids?

Volume adjustment, the only way to do it is to enable dual layer and use the crossfader. (why???)

Rekordbox inport!

Literally just have it ignore all drives that aren’t FAT32/exFAT. If the drive won’t work, why bother showing it under Devices? Obviously all the drives should be seen and used in explorer lol.

Pretty much everything else in EP is good.

SC5000 Prime: Would be really cool to have a mode that made the Cue button behave like on cdj’s/xdj’s.

Would be even cooler if a rekordbox drive were loaded and it imported everything as if they plugged in their drive into a cdj (you see where I’m going with this)

I’d love to be able to depress the browse knob to pull up the browser instead of having to hit back. Everything else does it like that.

If there’s only one profile on the flash drive the deck should just automatically load that.

Having options for waveform color pallets would be nice, maybe even if they coordinated with the layer color?

Speaking of layer color, and this may be just me, but if I’m on deck 1, both decks on layer A, and go to change the layer A color of deck 2 it doesn’t change, if I go to preferences on deck 2 it shows as the current color as if it wasn’t given the change.

Only other thing is when you zoom all the way in, the waveform looks really pixelated.

Oh also browser sync between decks like in traktor.

I also wouldn’t complain if auto gain were implemented somehow.

Thanks! Didn’t know, gonna check it out. With manual bpm I mean I want to be able to write in what the original song tempo is, because often it is WAY off.

I guess I’m just not understanding how the original bpm could be off. Is the beat grid off? So what you’re wanting is to change the tracks default bpm and not having to change it to whatever bpm you need while mixing? That would be a neat feature if you do a lot of cross-genre mixing and need like multiple versions of a track with different bpms.

I have now sent a mail to Yakov (the man behind Mixed in key) that a collab would be a good idea. Let’s see what the reply is.

Feature request

Ability to connect prime software over LAN with players/mixer to be able to transfer music directly to USB stick on deck. This will make it so much easier/faster to transfer files and reduce the risk of getting failed USB sticks due to “forgetting to safely remove usb stick”. I have seen my share of failing usb sticks over time.

Kind regards Asger

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Did the programmer teams give you any idea when they’ll add the features then?

Mixed In Key energy level would be amazing feature to add! I’m for this! I figured I’d never use this program again then I noticed at my first gig with the new Denon Setup… I needed higher energy tracks. This would be amazing. Denon is this possible?

Multiple filters would be a nice addition.

I love these points I agree with the rest you mentioned.

Thanks for you input gave me more to think about.

I mentioned this in one of my requests too <3