Feature Request: Overwrite Crates on Import

Can we please have the ability to overwrite pre-existing crates/playlists when importing from iTunes (or any other source)?

Currently, when updating my EP library, I need to:

  1. Update iTunes library in EP (this process still isn’t great, even on 1.3.1)
  2. Delete every single crate crate in EP one by one (to ensure nothing is missed)
  3. Import every iTunes playlist folder to crates one by one
  4. Re-copy every crate to my drive(s)

Rekordbox has the ability to set up a Sync between iTunes > Library > Device and it’s such a smooth workflow. Can we please have something similar as the process to keep EP and iTunes in sync is ridiculous and driving me up the wall. In fact it’s discouraging me from using my SC5000s because I just can’t be bothered going through this process to update my drives.

Please and thank you.


Agree, please add this feature in next upgrade please. More than a need.

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