Feature Request NAS Engine

I’ve change my music storage system, today i try to sync some playlist and make new ones with music from my nas. I found out Engine cant work with music on a network-storage. Thats very bad. That would be great if you chance this in next update. The trend goes to minimize the storage on a pc, and save data on a cloud or something else.

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You can do this already. Both Engine Prime and the Prime 4 can access cloud storage (albeit only Dropbox).

I think you dont understand my problem. I cant put my mp3s from nas in a Engine Playlist. But in the tree in engine i can navigate to my nas an take the files direct on my prime 4, yes thats work. It dont work with engine-playlists in my pc or mac

Create a folder shortcut to the NAS in your user folder to allow apps like Engine Prime to see your Network drive as a local folder.

You said there’s a trend to minimize storage on the PC, saving data in the cloud. I responded to that comment.

Actually I’d say that many more people use cloud storage now, than use NAS. NAS has always been quite niche, used by techy people who know about computers and networks.

OTOH cloud storage is bundled now as part of computer operating systems, so effectively everyone has it. I think it’s a better choice to integrate than NAS.

Windows ? It’s not working on my Mac

Yeah on Windows. Im sure there is a way to do it in Mac OS. I’ll spin up a VM when I get back home next week and see if I can figure it out for you.

Dont work for me. I have link the music folder on my nas on my local drive. Engine dont open it.

Sorry to hear. I’ve been using a NAS with Engine Prime since 2019 without issue. Used it with Serato and Rekordbox prior to that.