(Feature request) Indicator showing "Script / Autoloop"

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand if the track I am playing is controlling the lights with its script or if it is the autoloop that has intervened. To remove the doubt I go to “Intensity” and try to reduce the fader of “Scripted” to see if the brightness drops, otherwise I do the same operation for the “Autoloop” fader. When I see the brightness go down then I understand that the track has an associated script.

So I was wondering if it is not better to have a writing at the top of the Engine Light window that shows if the lights are controlled by a script or by autoloop, so as to understand what is happening.


I was also thinking about this today. It’s a reasonable request. An icon or wording to state which mode it’s in will be great to have.

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But I also thought: what happens when I have a scripted track on deck 1, while on deck 2 I have an unscripted track (which will therefore work with autoloop), in the mixing phase when both faders are up?

Perhaps Engine Light will also mix the script from deck 1 with autoloop from deck 2. But then in this case what should be indicated? Script or autoloop? Then I thought that maybe two different icons should be created: one for SCRIPT and the other for AUTOLOOP, which can be turned on individually or both (if the condition I wrote above occurs).

Would also be handy to see in playlist if a track has been scripted (a little s anywhere at the playlist screen). So you can see where autoloops are used or which tracks their own lightshow have. (Also then you can see, maybe wich track you can script, too … if you have an idea for lightshow after playing the track.)



This is also a nice idea, to have a symbol like the “SS” next to the track, exactly as we can see in Sounswitch by going to view the Engine DJ collection. :+1:

to my heart … I would preffer a normal s than SS … could have something to do with in USA / “Master/Slave” … Do you know what the short “SS” means in germany ?!

It even bader then “Master / Slave” xDD

Long time I did not say something about it … grin …

:joy: :joy: :joy:

I said “SS” because that’s what you see in the column header in Engine DJ to figure out if the track has the SoundSwitch script. :smiley:

Yes - i know … but a normal “S” should reach …

even if it is a soundswitch file or track. Maybe denon could get in problems if they shorten something with “SS” in germany. Only a hint :wink: only for political correctness they should use only one “S”

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I think a small “S” for scripted tracks and a small “A” for autolooped tracks when the track would be great.

There is as “S” and “A” buttons for these two functions on the bottom right of the SoundSwitch so makes sense to carry it over to the embedded versions.

I think most references to SoundSwitch are “Engine Lighting” on embedded devices anyway. I think it was always one of these things that shortening it to SS on always made me pause as a brand. It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually (one day) Engine Lighting took over as the main brand, even though it works with other software. I can see a unification within the Engine brand as it looks like their bigger vision going forward.

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Do you mean the symbol to display in the Engine Light window while playing a track, or are you referring to the symbol to display in the playlist (i.e. what @DJDark said) next to each track?

Next to each track of the playlist it would not make sense to display the “A” if the track has no script, because it is obvious that if it has no script (ie the “S” is not visible) it will be combined with autoloop. Instead the “A” or “S” would be useful in the Engine Light window.

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just for the sake of order I would preffer it in both programs to show a symbol. The “a” according to me, can be left out. But when a track is scripted, it should also be displayed as a scripted audio file in playlist. imo.

Yes, only the “S” would appear in the playlist if the track has the script.

Instead the “S” (script in progress) and the “A” (autoloop in progress) should be visible only in the Engine Light window and allows us to understand if the tracks being played are controlling the lights with script and/or autoloop : if you play two tracks at the same time it could happen that one track has the script while the other track does not and it will use autoloop.

Interesting discussion here …

I see and use soundswitch/engine lighting as a “simple to use solution” for lights show. This means getting to a gig, all i have to do is start the app and focus on the DJing which is the primary task. Once in a while i reach for a position or effect override.

In relation to autoloop/script though

  • If override scripted tracks is OFF then the script will always play (if no scripts found autoloop will play)

  • If its enabled then AutoLoop will play (even if their are tracks that are scripted)

Besides if you toggle it off/on on a currently playing track it takes effect at the next track load.

Not sure what having a dot or S in Engine Lighting will bring to the table…in a use case scenario.

PS I have been using Soundswitch since Launch with Serato.

Yes, I know this parameter. I usually keep it off. So if my track has the script it executes the script otherwise it autoloops. But when that track is listening you don’t know if it’s using script or autoloop, you only see the lights coming on (read my first post of the thread).

Djdark’s proposal is useful, because by scrolling the playlist we can identify the tracks that do not have the script or that for some reason (it happened to me often) the script association to the track has been lost.

Instead knowing if the lights are commanded by the script or by the autoloop can be useful if you see some bad effect: if the cause is the autoloop, then you can go to the autoloop page and change the type, otherwise if the track is with script you can not do anything (so it makes no sense to go to the autoloop page to click on the buttons).


On the players themselves YES

Little tip:

Don’t trust the dot the engine displays in the browser.

All of my tracks have an autoscript, but many of them have no dot in the browser.

The tracks run perfectly in autoscript mode.

The synchronization in Lighting seems to be a bit buggy

To check whether your autoscript is actually being played:

Just pull the autoloop fader in lighting to 0 - if it stays dark then the track definitely has no autoscript

Yes they have been resolving issues. I’ve been working with them getting those auto scripts to play consistent. Not sure what equipment your running but SC6000s had a bit of a routing bug that caused wrong shows to play. That I think is all worked out. Just gotta wait or next firmware. But I export my light shows independently I don’t use Denon DJ. I wanted something on the player that showed Link status to specific track.

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes it happens that the dot is not present (in Engine DJ Desktop) but then with EL the tracks use a script. Other times the “SS” appears next to the track in the music collection visible in Soundswitch, but then when that track is played in the console, it only works with Autoscript.

I have the impression that transferring tracks with SYNC MANAGER can happen to “break” the connection between the track and the Soundswitch script.

Yes, I knew this too, in fact if you read above, this is the method we all use to understand if the track is using Script or Autoloop. But this method is a bit inconvenient, isn’t it?

See above, but for now the problem does not seem to be resolved.