Feature Request: ID3 Tag Searching

I’ve had x2 SC5000’s and an x1800 for about 6 months now. I feel like 1 thing that is lacking 100% and many DJ’s could be in use of this, is the ability to search (On The Fly) through Comments, or Colors, or even Rating in the ID3 Tagging systems. We need to see this added, as it will make the Players much easier and user-friendly.

I realize we can create crates through Prime. However, I tend to keep my crates only for Genres. So I can get a wide-open feel for tracks. Also being able to jump between genres quickly helps.

Hi Kairos,

This is absolutely a much needed feature, and I think that we has been asking for it since the Day the SC5000S came to market.

I think theres alot of us hoping that this will come in the update within the next 2 weeks.

Hi @Kairos, thanks for posting! This feature had indeed been requested, and heard by our Dev Team.

I could search for comments on this subject, but cannot find the colors of rating these yet. :nerd_face: