Feature Request: Auto Mix

Prime 2 has a continuous play feature but this leaves gaps in between songs. For things like background music during meals, buffets or the early part of an evening, the ability to change where and how the song mixes would be good - similar to the features available virtual dj and such.

OK but (in my opinion/experience) if it’s just for background music, nobody’s going to care whether it’s mixed or not. Even when people are dancing, it isn’t really necessary for the music to be mixed.

Only the DJ cares. The audience does not.


Have you never used BPM STUDIO - TRAKTOR - SERATO - REKORDBOX to manage music for diffusion in pub or disco? The fade in and fade out function is the most important tool to delete the silence between tracks!! So, how could you say this is secondary? Really incredibile.

Guess that’s matter of opinion, and yeh probably it is more the DJ that cares but I like everything to look and sound professional and personally I’m not a fan of a gap of silence between songs. In some cases there could be 5 or more seconds of dead air at the end of mp3s!

It’s a feature that has been around as long as DJ software has existed, so just asking the question if it can be added to Prime 2 & 4?

I’m not suggesting that your request should be ignored. I’m just saying it’s highly unlikely that clients will care whether there’s a gap between songs whilst they’re eating (etc).

Yeh that’s fine mate, buffet is one area that I would use auto play/mix, also use that function for background music during a Karaoke and quiz evenings etc and as I said my personal preference would be to eliminate gaps between songs. I’m certain that would be the preference of most!

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Hi Guys! I would like to use the missed Automix function on my LOVED Prime 2!