Exported files on flash drive show up in main crate also when plugged in

I think this is a bug unless I’m missing the reason behind this

I create a crate in Engine and drag 20 tracks into it from collection view drag that crate to a flash drive under “devices” and it exports fine

now the issue is when the flash drive is plugged in the tracks are also showing up in that crate locally and on device meaning it is doubling the amount of tracks in the local crate when the drive is plugged in

with drive in

with drive ejected

So if I’m understanding you correctly, the doubling of tracks only occurs when you have the drive in and when you unplug the drive, those doubled tracks disappear. Is that accurate?

It does sound like a bit of a metadata bug, as I can’t think of any reason for the doubling to occur. If the flash drives work fine in your SC5000, I wouldn’t worry about it–though I can understand how it could become a bit cumbersome.

Perhaps one of the fine lads/lasses from Denon will chime in.


you are correct, doubling only appears when flash drive is plugged in

Definitely a metadata bug (unless I’m corrected by one of the staff). I’ve encountered a few similar hiccups–tracks displaying a time 0:01 until they are clicked on, overlapping text when editing Loop names, etc. These all seem to be cosmetic and I’m certain will be cleaned up in the next update. For now, it’s good for us to document these types of superficial bugs so that the developers can keep their eyes open and attempt to recreate.

Thats by design currently.

However, whether you see those files In/from both places may potentially be an option in a future version of EP.

It’s one of those things which some people will desire, and some won’t.

Well - the way it is set up now is confusing - at least to me. What you can think of is a dedicated view for the collection or the device. When the crate is selected in the collection all tracks belonging to that are shown. If the crate is selceted from the device all track under that crate on the device are shown. That would be more logic to me.

If you want to keep showing all together you could add a small Icon in front of the track, indicating if it is from the collection or from the device.

Perhaps Device based tracks could show up in a different colour ?

yeah thats an idea because right now its confusing if I want to edit tracks, I have to scroll over to the column to see if its a local track or the track on the flash drive,

From Denon FAQ:

Why do remote drives and songs also show up in the main collection?

The Main Collection is a complete list of all connected media, both remote and local. This allows for all of your songs on either connected hard drives or internal storage to be used interchangeably, making it easy to find your track regardless of where the file is stored.

Because of this, duplicate entries may appear in the main collection if a song is located in both the main collection and a removable drive. Songs are not physically duplicated on the drive, the main collection is simply reporting the song in multiple databases. Removable drives can still be moved from one computer to another and have their crate structures retained, and any song in the main collection can be dragged to the Engine player for playback and editing at any time.

We realize that this is a departure from more traditional workflows and are working on an option to separate collection drives with remote drives in a more clear manner.

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they should give the option to turn it off then, for some people its useless and more confusing if you library tracks are on your computer and your plugging in a flash drive to edit and export for a show, my opinion of course but I feel it gets confusing unless they color mark external tracks vs local

Thank you kindly for this. :+1:t2: