“Italian virtuoso Ethan Leo in collaboration with ICONYC has created a unique routine with the Denon DJ SC6000 and Akai Professional MPC One to show the power of creativity. Using exclusive ICONYC releases Ethan, put together this 9-minute masterclass, showing the capability, versatility and endless creative options. Sit back and enjoy a real maestro at work. The future is here, let’s embrace it”


What model are the headphones you use in this video and in your Twitch streams?

Mackie Mp240. Yes i am on Twitch (ethanleodj)

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Come ti trovi con questi auricolari? Li consiglieresti?

Ma sei lo stesso che mi ha fatto la stessa domanda sotto al video della Prime 4? Come tutti gli in-ear è soggettivo, dipende da come queste si adattano alle tue orecchie. Se non indossate correttamente, tutte le in-ear ti daranno problemi e non sentirai mai bene tutte le frequenze. La qualità audio in questo modello specifico è indiscutibile. Ho provato diverse in-ear anche più costosi come delle Shure da 300 euro, che ho gettato nella pattumiera dopo due giorni perchè gracchiavano. Ma anche quelle marchiate con la P, specifiche per dj, che hanno fatto la stessa fine dopo 3 mesi.

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Non mi pare, sennò non l’avrei chiesto di nuovo :smiley:

Siccome in giro si sentono voci discordanti, mi piaceva avere un tuo parere da esperto.

Echt interessant om in een andere taal dan Engels te praten op een internationaal forum. Zijn we allemaal weer gedwongen om Microsoft of Google te vragen om het voor ons te vertalen.… :sunglasses:

You’re right, but he asked me a question in Italian. Deletes everything because it has nothing to do with the video. :sneezing_face:

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No probs. It happens more so I joined in. :joy:

Versteh nur die hälfte … Only understand half of that …

But I like netherland language :wink:

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Dutch and Deutsch are somewhat similar as neighboring countries.

Yea. It´s like deep “Bayrisch” xDDD

@Reese Forgive me, you know that I generally use English with everyone, but when an Italian rarely happens I take advantage of the situation :joy: :joy: :joy:

I asked for info about the earphones you were using in the video, so there was a little connection with the video. :+1:

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I know man. I know.

I was just quietly reading Leo’s topic and suddenly my brain froze. Haha.

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Genious. The Akai MPC is also on my watchlist to buy. I still have an old Roland MV-8000 Sampler. But that thing is huge. The MPC is more compact. Also it has the ability to get synced to denon hardware.

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