Ethan Leo Performs Innovative Routine for DJcityTV

DJcity brought Ethan Leo in for another innovative masterpiece! Alongside his Denon DJ SC5000, X1800 mixer and VL12 turntable…he pulls out a HeadRush Looperboard and guitar for a funky loop!


Woooh mate its awesome

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You have no problem with the pitch of the VL12?

no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Hoooooooly - what a performance

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It’s a good performance ON a sc5000 but not really using any features that make the sc5000 the sc5000, just any unit from any company that’s got enough pads. Good performance in general though

So only SC5000, what other deck’s have 2 layers and 8 pads available at the same time? I only know that dj controllers have 8 pads, any other dj decks have max 4 hot cues and not even arrange like needed to pull of such a routine (keyabord like play)

It’s worth pointing out that in the routine he never touched the pitch on the VL12.

I like the looping unit. Good show Ethan Leo.

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